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New Product: Octasonic 8 x HC-SR04 Breakout Board

Need to connect up to 8 ultrasonic sensors to an Arduino or other 5V microcontroller? Now you can with the Octasonic HC-SR04 breakout board. This board uses SPI communication so only uses one dedicated pin on the microcontroller. Here’s a video of an electronic piano project using 8 ultrasonic sensors. This would work great in robots for obstacle avoidance too!

Lowering the cost of Robotics

One of our goals here at Super Awesome Robots is to produce a low cost robotics kit based around the Arduino platform. We’ve looked at many of the currently available robot kits and feel that they are too expensive and out of reach of many hobbyists, especially students. We are currently working on some prototype designs and negotiating prices with suppliers to… Read more »

MIP Robot

andygrove   September 11, 2014   No Comments on MIP Robot

The MIP Robot is a self balancing robot that can carry various objects thanks to a clip-on plastic tray. It can also respond to certain gestures. The MIP only comes in two colors – black or white. You can find MIP at stores such as Toys R Us and Amazon. As you can see, the MIP Robots are quite small, but capable of carrying a… Read more »

Dyson 360 Eye

andygrove   September 9, 2014   No Comments on Dyson 360 Eye

This is a new robot being released by UK company Dyson. This is a competitor to the Roomba and its sole purpose is to autonomously vacuum your floors. It has some pretty cool technology, especially its unique 360 degree vision system, allowing it to see all of its surroundings at once. The motor that they use to create suction is… Read more »